Hello everybody,

We have received some contact requests related to supporting Tarantula.

Thanks to your suggestions I decided to write a short summary about the situation on the website as well.

Tarantula tool was originally developed in our late company Prove Testia Ltd in Finland. Due to lack of paying customers we had to run down the operation and that is the reason why support forum activity grew silent from our part.

Luckily we look the time to release the product as open source before running down the company. This way our dear Tarantula is available to the world for further development and utilization :)

Prove Expertise Ltd, which was the owner of Testia Ltd and Tarantula however, is still up and running. The core business in the company is in software testing work and services rather than tool development.

We love the Tarantula too, but for business reasons, we currently cannot develop it further, nor do we have plans for future. Due to these reasons, the support activity is not very high in priority either.

If you still wish to use Tarantula and seek for community help, please visit: https://getsatisfaction.com/prove. You can also visit the old site: http://www.tarantula.fi/old.

Best of regards,

Antti Niittyviita
Prove Expertise Ltd
CEO and a Testing Guru